Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you start The Wild Hideaway?

A: I built this site to share my experiences as I make my way through life, meet interesting people and travel the world. I also wanted a creative outlet to not only document all my goings on but to keep me writing. It is great to have somewhere to write where people might go to read from time to time.

On The Wild Hideaway I hope to inspire you to do things that make you feel happy, whether that’s exploring a new town, trying a new restaurant, staying at a beautiful hotel, saving for a holiday or just enjoying time with the people that you love.

If you’re planning an adventure to a new country, a weekend getaway or a road trip closer to home, The Wild Hideaway uncovers the best places to inspire you to get exploring. Hopefully it shows you a different perspective on travel, hopefully you find something useful, hopefully you enjoy spending time on this little space I have created.


Q: How do you get to travel so often?

A: Through The Wild Hideaway, I collaborate with different brands and tourism boards, sometimes these collaborations involve travelling to a certain location, mostly to experience a product, a tour, accommodation spot or destination for myself and then to share it with my community.

Blogger trips involve a lot of work and are not “free travel”, I often work 8+ hour days on these trips creating campaigns that include written content, photography, videos and social media amplification.


Q: Do you make money from your blog?

A: I consider myself very fortunate, as what started as a hobby has now become a job. I make money by working with brands who pay me to create unique and engaging content on that usually features their products or services. If I’m working with a brand then I’ll say so in the post, so you’ll know if it’s sponsored.

While I do make money from some of my blog posts, I would never, ever write something I didn’t truly believe. I also make money through affiliate networks, advertising and marketing/content freelance work.


Q: Where is home for you?

A: I grew up in a town 1.5 hours out of Melbourne called Ballarat. Dave is a kiwi and grew up in Auckland, New Zealand. Home for us is being at either of these places around family and friends. We also call Melbourne home as we lived here for 5+ years and really love it. Right now though “home” is our backpacks and each other!


Q: When did you quit your corporate job?

A: Read more about when and why over on this post: Why I quit my corporate job.


Q: Who takes your photos?

A: Dave and I take all of our own photos. When we are both in the shot we are usually using a tripod and timer or remote. Often we also use our GoPro selfie-stick for photos together.


Q: What Instagram filters or apps do you use to edit your Instagram photos?

A: I don’t usually use any mobile apps of filters for my Instagram photos, I take the majority of my photos as RAW files on my Sony Alpha A5100 Mirrorless Camera or GoPro Hero 5 and edit on a desktop using Adobe Lightroom.

If I do take phone photos I’ll edit with the VSCO app to add matte and grain filters to my photos to try and keep the style consistent.


Q: What is Stay the night with…

A: Stay the night with… is an ongoing blogging series that curates hotels and places to stay. This series is dedicated to finding beautiful accommodation spots, cosy bed-and-breakfasts and places to stay the night. This space is regularly updated with our favourite places to stay and play. Finding the right accommodation is essential when you are planning to travel, and where you stay can often make or break a trip.

All of the Stay the night with… posts include photos, honest information and review ratings to help you along your way. Check it out here.


Q: What is the TWH Sisterhood?

A: The TWH Sisterhood is a blogging feature series that I ran from 2016-2017 where I interviewed bloggers, creatives, designers and influential women. I hope you enjoy reading these older posts and be just as inspired and motivated as I was by such amazing women. Find my TWH Sisterhood posts here.


Q: Can I post one of your projects/photos on my website?

A: Please do not re-post the content of any blog post on The Wild Hideaway without written permission. If you are a print publication wanting to use an images or if you have any questions about photo/content usage please contact me here.


Q: I want to get in touch regarding PR/Advertising, how do I do that?

A: Please see my PR/Advertising page here for more information.


Q: What if I have more questions?

A: All you need to do is hit the little contact tab on the top of the page, email me and you’re good to go!

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