Hens Party Games that you actually want to play

I had my cousins hens party on the weekend and boy was it fun! I’ve been to my fair share of hens parties and I think the key to a good game is to keep them short. The games that we played on the weekend were a little different and everyone had an absolute ball!

If you’re looking for fun games to play at a hens night then take some inspiration from these ideas below, try them out, change them up and let me know how you go!

How well do you know the groom?

This is a fun game to test just how well the bride knows her soon-to-be-husband. Before the party, ask the groom a series of questions. At the hens party ask the bride the very same questions. For every question she answers wrong, she has to have a shot! Examples of questions could include:

  • What is his favourite food?
  • What does he love most about the bride?
  • Where was the couple’s first date?
  • What was the first movie the couple watched together?
  • What was the first restaurant they went to together?
  • What is his favourite sex position?
  • Where was your first kiss? 
  • What is his least favorite chore?

Play dough guessing game

This one can be really funny and it’s a great game to get everyone involved. Each person (or team) gets a tub of play dough and has to mould out what she thinks the grooms package looks like, the bride then judges whose replica is the closest to the grooms and they win a prize.

Pass the parcel

Everybody knows how to play pass the parcel so why not turn things up a notch with more adult themed prizes! Another idea is to add in dares instead of prizes at each unwrapping… trust me it’s lots of fun! Examples of dares could be:

  • Stand on your chair and twerk for 20 seconds
  • Skull your drink
  • Choose two people to skull their drinks
  • Give the bride a lap dance
  • Wear your bra on the outside of your clothes

Toilet Paper Fashion Parade

This one is a classic hens party game that has been played at almost all hens parties I have been too. The game is simple, break out into teams, choose a model and you have 10 minutes to create a wedding dress for them made only out of toilet paper. Once the ten minutes is up a fashion parade is conducted and the bride chooses the winning team (who then of course all do shots or get naughty prizes).

Never have I ever

All hens party guests sit in a circle and hold up 10 fingers each. Each person takes turns saying something that they’ve never done, starting with the phrase, “Never have I ever.” Any player who has done what was stated must put one finger down. The winner is the last remaining player who hasn’t put down all their fingers. Alternatively you can play this game as a straight up drinking game and not use the finger scoring system, when someone has done the “Never have I ever” they simply drink.

Bridal Quiz

For a simple bridal quiz all you need to do is put together a list of questions about the bride, get each guest to fill out the quiz and the person with the most correct answers gets a prize. Examples of questions could be:

  • What is the bride’s middle name?
  • What is the bride’s birthday?
  • What is the bride’s shoe size?
  • What is the bride’s favourite drink?
  • What is the bride’s favourite sex position?
  • What was the bride’s worst date?
  • Who is the bride’s favourite celebrity crush?
  • When she was little, what did the bride want to be when she grew up?
  • What annoys the bride the most?
  • In which month did the groom propose to the bride?
  • How long has the bride dated the groom?
  • What’s the bride’s favourite thing to do?

Cucumber Racing

I played this one at a hen party that I went to not long ago and it was a great game to get everyone  involved in the fun. Cucumber racing is a relay competition and guests are divided into two or more teams who line up to race. Place an extra long cucumber in between the legs of the first runner and this person must run with the cucumber around a chair that is some distance away. The runner then returns to their team and must pass on the cucumber without using their hands. Any team member who drops the cucumber must get it back in between their legs without using their hands. The team who makes it back first are the winners are get a prize.

Other fun ideas could include a hens party scavenger hunt, bridal pictionary, truth or dare, egg and spoon races, or celebrity heads. 

Happy hen’s party planning!

Shannon Clarke - Editor, The Wild Hideaway
Shannon Clarke - Editor, The Wild Hideaway

Shannon is a travel and lifestyle writer with a keen taste for global adventure – whether it be snorkeling in the waters of Fiji, or exploring the art and architecture of Barcelona. When Melbourne calls her back home, she spends most of her time exploring and planning weekend road trips. To fund all of her trips, Shannon is a freelance writer and marketer – she was named the Australian Young Marketer of the year in 2017!

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