5 Minutes With Matt Wilkinson (aka Chef Extraordinaire)

I recently caught up with the ever so amazing Matt Wilkinson, the genius behind Pope Joan, Mr Wilkinson’s, Hams and Bacon and a few of my favourite cookbooks.

Matt and his team from Pope Joan will be at the Peninsula Picnic this weekend and I’m really looking forward to heading along and trying out more of their amazing food! If you haven’t heard about the Picnic, you can read more about it here (I went last year and it’s definitely worth checking out!).

chef Matt Wilkinson

I love Pope Joan! Last year I lived around the corner from your restaurant in Brunswick East and I took ALL of my visitors there, are you a big fan of Brunswick?

YES I love it! Walking the Brunswick backstreets always makes me smile, there is always such beautiful fruit in the trees.


I really like the idea behind your store Hams and Bacon, what inspired you to create this produce store and takeaway hub?

Hams and Bacon is an extension arm of what we do at Pope Joan, just a really beautiful way to further showcase our producers. We also wanted to create a space for takeaway coffee as well.


The sneak peek menu for the peninsula picnic looks AMAZING, if I could only order one dish and one wine what would you recommend?

Our corn, it’s the last of the season from the Peninsula! Peninsula Organics Corn on the Cob, Smoked Butter and Herb Salt $5 and I suggest a drop of Montalto Pennon Hill Chardonnay.


Will you have some time to sneak away from your op up food stall and enjoy the music and entertainment at the Peninsula Picnic this year?

Yes, I will definitely be heading to the dessert tent and I can’t miss Missy Higgins – she has a crush on me.


Last year a few stalls sold out of their dishes pretty quickly, do we need to get in early to get our greedy hands on all of your food?

We have prepped double of what we did last year, so we’ve got plenty of everything!


One last question… any plans for a third cookbook?

There is, hot scoop for you – there is no confirmed date as yet, but it’s definitely in the pipeline.

You can read more about Matt here: http://mrwilkinsons.com.au/about/ or catch him and his team at The Pneinsula Picnic this weeked! Deets are below!

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