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Today on The blog I am participating in an exciting link up with Lauren from The Best F Words Blog. If you have not checked out her blog you should head over and have a look. Lauren is one of the loveliest bloggers I have ever came across and I am super excited to work with her this month and in the future. Each Friday she features her favourite “F word” whilst fighting back against that negative “F word” reputation. This week we worked together and came up with one of our favourite F words: Folksongs.

Folk Music Definition 1: Music that originates in traditional popular culture or that is written in such a style. Folk music is typically of unknown authorship and is transmitted orally from generation to generation.

Folk Music Definition 2: A modern song which employs or reflects the folk idiom

There are so many definitions out there about “folk music” on the internet and in books that it got me thinking.. it doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks (because trust me everyone has their opinion on folk music these days!). So what does folk music actually mean to me and why do I like it?

I like folk music because it’s real. Folk musicians don’t need to make shiny videos with backup dancers and great video effects to make people like the music. The music stands on its own. The musicians can actually play the instruments, often to a high level of skill.

I like folk music because it is timeless and honours our past. Every culture has its own folk music and in this there is both diversity and unity.

I like folk music because the “traditional” circle can also be broken.. let’s  traverse the spectrum of folk music with songs from female icons and newcomers alike. As times have changed, folk music is changing to reflect the times.

I like that folk artists today are experimentalists who dabble in different genres, integrating various musical influences into their narrative songs.

And above all I like folk music because it makes me move – this is important to me, it makes me tap my foot, and hum along which is kind of an external manifestation of the fact that I’m dancing inside.

So I have created this 3 hour playlist of folk songs that I have came to love over the years (yes I may have gone a little bit overboard than usual, but there were so many songs to choose from!). There are some songs I would class as traditional folk and some modern indie folk in there too and there is just some beautiful folky melodies that need no words. I hope you enjoy whilst tapping your foot and humming a little tune.  xo.


Note: (Sorry to Lauren and my other non-aussie readers who spell favourite without a “u” – It’s not a constant typo, it’s the way it is spelt down here in Aus! xo) 

Shannon Clarke - Editor, The Wild Hideaway
Shannon Clarke - Editor, The Wild Hideaway

Shannon is a travel and lifestyle writer with a keen taste for global adventure – whether it be snorkeling in the waters of Fiji, or exploring the art and architecture of Barcelona. When Melbourne calls her back home, she spends most of her time exploring and planning weekend road trips. To fund all of her trips, Shannon is a freelance writer and marketer – she was named the Australian Young Marketer of the year in 2017!

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