Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you start The Wild Hideaway?

A: I built this site to share my experiences as I make my way through life, meet interesting people and occasionally travel the world. I also wanted a creative outlet to not only document all my goings on but to keep me writing. It is great to have somewhere to write where people might go to read from time to time.

Q: What is a lifestyle blog?

A: A Lifestyle blog is not limited to one topic. Simply put, I love these types of blogs because there is no one single focus you must write about, I write about whatever the heck I feel like. I think that’s what makes them so interesting because you never know what you will read the next day. I like to refer to my blog as my open diary where I can record how exciting (or boring. whatever) my life is and also write about whatever I please!

Q: What is the TWH Sisterhood?

The TWH Sisterhood is an ongoing blogging feature series where I interview bloggers, creatives, designers and influential women. I hope you will follow along and be just as inspired and motivated as I am by such amazing women. Find my TWH Sisterhood posts here.

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Q: Can I post one of your projects/photos on my blog?

A: Please do not re-post the content of any blog post on The Wild Hideaway without written permission. If you are a print publication wanting to use an images or if you have any questions about photo/content usage please contact Shannon here.

Q: Do you make money from your blog?

A: I consider myself very fortunate, as what started as a hobby has now become a “job” (although I don’t think I’ll ever see it as one!). If I’m working with a brand then I’ll say so in the post, so you’ll know if it’s sponsored. While I do make money from some of my blog posts, I would never, ever write something I didn’t truly believe.

I consider advertisements from both small and large businesses, bloggers and anything that might be relevant to my readers interests. I consider all inquiries but will ultimately only run ads that I feel fit with the overall theme of Wild Hideaway. For more information please contact me here.

Q: I want to get in touch regarding PR/Advertising, how do I do that?

A: Please see my PR/Advertising page here for more information.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: Great – I love questions! All you need to do is hit the little contact tab on the top of the page, email me and you’re good to go!