Hunting For George launches ‘golden years’ print collection

Hello all and happy hump day! I’ve been working in Sydney all this week so have been enjoying the warmer weather up here and trying to get lots of work done (trying is the main word there!), it’s hard to sit down and work when there are so many things to explore in a city that you’re not usually in!

I wanted to share with you some new prints that one of my favourite homewares retailers have just launched: Hunting for George has returned to its roots and has launched a new Art Print collection titled ‘Golden Years’ that celebrates the warmth and positivity of Summer. I just love them!


I only have one Hunting For George print and it’s the original “Oh The Places You’ll Go” – I think after seeing these though I’ll have to get some more 🙂

All prints are now available online:


Image credits:
Art Direction: Lucy Glade-Wright
Styling: Ruth Welsby
Photography: Annette O’Brien


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