Do it for yourself

Perhaps one day you’ll take the greatest picture that has ever been taken. It could make people’s hearts sing and cry at the same time.

But so many people have taken photos.

And no one has time to look at yours and sort through all the mess to find your beauty.

Keep capturing.

Perhaps one day you’ll get your first gig and the only people there will be your mum, your housemates and your old neighbour Pearl.

And when you’re done they will be the only ones clapping and buying you drinks and pretty flowers.

Then you head home to your beat up apartment in the city and smoke cigarettes on the balcony.

Keep making music.

Perhaps one day you will fall in love. You will love with all your heart and it will get torn into pieces.

And you are left all on your own.

And you feel empty.

Keep your heart open.

Perhaps one day you’ll write the greatest thing ever written and if anyone ever read it they would be inspired and maybe even cry.

This is if they ever found it among the tons and tons and tons and tons of other things that have ever been written.

Like pretty music and haunting poetry.

Keep writing.

Because even if the only person you impress after doing it is you – It will be worth it. So do it anyway.

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