About The Wild Hideaway

About The Wild Hideaway

The Wild Hideaway has been recognised as one of the top 5 Melbourne blogs in Australia!

Hello and welcome to The Wild Hideaway!

Hello! I’m Shannon, the creator and writer behind The Wild Hideaway, a lifestyle and occasional travel blog.

I grew up in a small-ish town called Ballarat that is about 1.5 hours out of Melbourne. I absolutely love my home-town and have amazing family and friends there, although after studying Journalism, I found that there wasn’t much there for me career-wise so I decided to move to Melbourne to try and make something of myself. I’ve now lived in Melbourne for five years and havn’t looked back. I love that there is always something to see do, eat, drink and write about here.

My partner (Dave) and I, love to explore new places and are planning to travel a lot more in 2017-2018. Dave is from New Zealand so we are often back and forth between there and Australia.

A big warm welcome to The Wild Hideaway, I am super happy that you are here! I hope you enjoy popping back from time to time to see where in the world we are and what we are up to (and leave a thought or two!).

Why The Wild Hideaway?

The Wild Hideaway is my little hideaway where I can come to write about whatever I like. I built this site to share my experiences as I make my way through life, meet interesting people and occasionally travel the world. I usually write about my life, adventures, things happening in my city and cool women doing kick ass things.

I’m pretty active on social media and love to share my latest work, inspirations and posts with you all, you can find me on FacebookTwitterPinterest and Instagram.

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If you have any questions or wanted to know more just head on over to either my FAQ page or my contact page.

Shannon xo